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Welcome to The Agile Mind Consultancy

The Agile Mind Consultancy is an integrated counselling and coaching service aimed at empowering clients to overcome barriers to personal development and enabling them to maximise their future potential.


Face-to-Face and Online Sessions Available


My Method

As a passionate Counsellor and Coaching Professional, I have dedicated myself to helping people move forward and make long-lasting, meaningful, positive changes in their lives.

Having spent years working with many individuals with different needs and different outlooks, I realised the power of the agile mind - one that is strong enough to withstand the pressures of everyday life, adaptable enough to overcome life's obstacles and challenges, forgiving enough to make peace with the past, dynamic enough to embrace life's highs and lows and serene enough to embrace those moments of happiness and calm.


This method has revolutionised my work and has helped so many people.  Now I would like it to help you to - read on to find out how!


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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