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Antonia Teixeira is an highly talented therapist combining empathy,knowledge, big picture thinking with the practical nudges that young people can relate to which starts to build lasting change and break unhealthy patterns.  She was brilliant with my son -  she got him  - it is not easy to get into the mind of a young person and guide them without being overbearing . On his side he has huge respect for her and even though his therapy finished 2 years ago he can reach out to her now and then and she steers him back on track to reach his goals .   

I can heartily recommend her and any young person would be lucky to find such a caring and conscientious therapist.


With Antonia I have really learned to celebrate myself as an autistic woman. Having gained my diagnosis in my early 40’s, we worked together on problems to develop strong strategies which I have been able to build upon going forward. Her pragmatic approach really suited me and although we were working through Zoom, I really felt there were no barriers to our connection. Antonia gives 100% in every session and always made me feel heard and understood. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to work with such a talented counsellor: she will be my first port of call if I need help in the future and I would not hesitate to recommend her.


After 58 years of not knowing I was neuro divergent, and 34 years of marriage, for the first time we understand the differences between us that caused so many problems and misunderstandings, not just with the big issue recently, but throughout our married life.  
You explained everything clearly in a way that made sense to both of us, neuro typical and neuro divergent, and you gave us advice, techniques, and strategies that enabled us to communicate better and understand each other’s perspective.
It is difficult to convey just how much difference this has made to us, but my wife is happy and smiling most of the time now and that is like sunshine in my life. The next 34 years are going to be truly amazing.
Thank you again for all your help and advice.
W & J


I cannot speak highly enough of Antonia Teixeira. She is an extremely talented counsellor who has helped me enormously over the past few months. I was initially apprehensive about attending counselling and discussing very personal matters, however Antonia’s professional yet personable manner very quickly put me at ease.

In a very short space of time Antonia was able to build trust and really get to the heart of some of the issues that were causing me stress and anxiety. She was not afraid to challenge me, and I have always appreciated her unwavering honesty and no-nonsense approach.

Antonia has not only helped me to implement practical solutions which have improved my interactions and relationships with others, but she has also proved to be an amazing listener and shoulder to cry on at the times when emotional support was all I needed.

Since working with Antonia, I have made some significant changes in my life as a result of which I am much happier and more confident than I have been in a long time. I am touched by the dedication and support she has shown me over the last few months, and I am grateful to have such a special person in my life. I can highly recommend Antonia to anyone in need of a therapist – she is the best!


Antonia helped my partner and I when we were in a place where communication had broken down and we had forgotten how to respect each other. We are a neurotypical/neurodiverse couple who needed a reality check and for a mirror to be held up to us, both individually and as a partnership. In a very short space of time, Antonia gave us the tools to feel fulfilled in our relationship and to communicate effectively. I am grateful to Antonia for facilitating very difficult but very important conversations. I am also deeply grateful for her honest comments, which were sometimes hard to hear but which really did the trick when dealing with two people who were very much stuck in their own narratives. We left our period of therapy hopeful, happy and most importantly, aware of what we needed, as individuals, to forge a successful partnership. I would absolutely recommend Antonia as a therapist for those in NT/ND relationships as she understands the communication difficulties that can arise. She understands that those experiencing these difficulties both need to be heard. She understands too that both people see things differently and she gets to the core of things very quickly, very frankly and with a kindness that was very much appreciated.


Antonia's unique perspective helps me collect not only my thoughts, but other perspectives on my life circumstances. She approaches every conversation with total professionalism, thoughtfulness, and a genuine desire to help me do the work - knowing that confidence truly and only grows when her clients' effort matches their desired mindset.


My son, Alexander, was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome (22q11 deletion) with learning difficulties, ADHD in childhood and with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC; Asperger’s Syndrome) as a teenager.  This has caused numerous difficulties linked to misunderstanding of social situations, behaviors associated obsessions, rigidity in thinking, managing daily life stressors, impulsivity and trauma

Antonia has worked with my son on a weekly basis identifying, documenting and developing ways in which to help him with his socio-developmental work. This included everything from accountability, morality, obsessions, interaction with members of the opposite sex, safety, security, responsibility, emotional cues, money, food, diet, health, numeracy and emotional regulation. Antonia also counselled and guided Alexander through trauma and grief.

She also has experience with cognitive behavioral therapy and working with neuro-developmental conditions, namely autism and Aspergers. 

Throughout the whole period of her working with Alexander,  Antonia proved to be a conscientious, insightful and sensitive professional. We are very grateful for all of her work with my son who has really grown and flourished under her care and dedicated work.


I am deeply moved by the amount of concern Antonia has shown for me.  She has done me proud for looking after me and I am very grateful for the time she spent with me and for her support. Antonia has helped me a lot and I call her my saint!


Antonia is great at listening and helping my understand the reason behind my feelings. Once we have worked this out, she is really insightful into helping me find a way to overcome or find a solution of dealing / facing the issue. I feel safe and secure knowing that she is there to help and support me. 


Antonia has a wonderful warming personality which allows for a relaxed and open dialogue. Her understanding of my situation developed quickly and through questions and conversation Antonia has helped me see clarity in a difficult situation. 


Antonia has helped me to set clear goals and put in place plans to achieve these. Working with her has given me a real confidence boost and she has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and realise what I am capable of, all the while knowing that I have her support and knowledge to rely on when I need some advice.


Antonia helped me significantly improve my presentation and interviewing skills. Other than sharing knowledge gathered through years of first hand experience, she had the patience to clearly explain concepts, giving me easy and tangible exercises I could apply to significantly improve my performance under pressure. Working with her has probably been one of the most consequential experiences of my life if one accounts for all the ramification it had and is going to have. Antonia is hands-down one of the most capable professionals out there.


Thank you so much for helping and supporting J.
Without your support, I don't think he can be where he is now.
Knowing that you will be there if he needs your further help will be a great comfort to Jeremy.

Standing on the Summit
Standing on the Summit


My work with Antonia has been effective and enjoyable.  Her ND-aware approach, her way with allegory, metaphor and analogy, her challenging questions and supportive observations all helped me through and out of a difficult time.  


Maybe more importantly I gained a deeper understanding of myself, particularly in the ways ND has influenced and informed me and my family.  My my sense of self-worth is stronger, my relationships are better, and my perspective on life’s ups and downs more balanced. 


I began with Antonia thinking I was addressing certain issues and events in my life. Through working with her, she’s shown me how to improve almost every aspect of my life, which I was completely surprised by. She has given me invaluable advice and tools to deal with, and strengthened my mental health, and I feel more confident than I ever have. I understand myself and my thoughts more, and feel more prepared for the pressures of life. 


I come away from sessions feeling like I’ve made personal breakthroughs, but knowing it’s Antonia that has guided me to these points. I’ve learnt more about myself since working with her than I have in along time. She balances challenging you, while also being kind and listening to you at the same time. I would highly recommend Antonia to anyone.


I always feel better after my sessions with Antonia. She has taught me how to recognise patterns in my own behaviour and understand both their cause and effect. This has helped enormously in my relationship with my autistic teenager. Antonia is straight talking and insightful, compassionate and when appropriate, displays a lovely sense of humour! I would have no reservation in recommending her as a therapist.


I didn’t realise it at the time, but my first meeting with Antonia was the start of a period of tremendous change and progress in my life.  Antonia helped me to see through the fog of emotions that was clouding my understanding and making me feel trapped.  She encouraged and supported me as I met head on the challenge of dealing with, and later escaping from, a 20 year long abusive marriage with two traumatized neurodiverse children.  Antonia is extremely knowledgeable, she listens very actively and has a brilliantly positive coaching style.  I am incredibly grateful that our paths crossed and would recommend her to anyone in crisis, particularly if there is neurodiversity in the picture.


Antonia is both supportive and challenging. This combination is very powerful, when applied with her experience, intelligence, humanity, and warmth. She has helped me to explore and understand my reaction to the world around me, to deal successfully with the inevitable challenges, and to grow in confidence. This is perhaps a rather considered and cool appreciation, but the truth is that it is also a great pleasure to talk to her.


Antonia is an energetic, solution focused, eloquent, and extremely professional therapist. I have worked with Antonia for over a year, but even after just one initial session I knew I was in very capable hands. Antonia helped me understand what being neurodivergent meant, to accept myself fully, and showed me how valuable and useful neurodivergent characteristics can be.

Antonia is a fantastic storyteller, and her analogies beautifully explain complex concepts in a way that’s easy to remember. She is very accommodating, communicates promptly and respectfully, and is always well prepared for every single session.

Thank you, Antonia, for all your help over the last year.


I started working with Antonia mid-pandemic, while adjusting to a new chapter of my life overseas. Throughout the last few years - in the good and not-so-good moments alike, she has contributed truly unique insights that are easily relatable to and effective for neurodiverse people such as myself. Even though I still have more to learn and improve upon, I am pleased with the progress that we have made together; in which she has played a guiding role.

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