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When in doubt, dance!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Goal setting can sometimes be a daunting task, because what we are doing is inviting our ambition to the negotiating table and setting our targets beyond the low hanging fruit. This can sometimes make even the simplest of target seem unattainable, frightening even, but it in those moments we need to remember one of the greatest joys in life, to D.A.N.C.E!

1) Desire: Know your outcome. Know why you want it

2) Action: Asses and undertake massive action to get to that outcome

3) Notice: Notice exactly what you're getting.

This means paying attention to what's happening on your path. Are you on track? Are you encountering frequent obstacles, if so what are these and is there a pattern?

4) Change: Change until you get what you want

Sometimes strategies need reassessment and overhauling, this is not a failure this is a reallocation of energy and it serves a longer-term purpose

5) Extraordinary: Celebrate your successes and your failures!

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